Through years of experience Judds Bros. Construction Co. has built a diverse range of specialties in numerous fields of construction to meet our clients needs. No job is too small or too large.

Construction Management

Judds Bros. Construction Co. has the personnel and the skills to offer construction management services for all types of projects.

Our unique team has the experience to help you plan and complete your project, from the inception to the completion. We will assist in the design, pricing, scheduling, construction and completion of your project. With our industry status we are able to ensure your project is completed the way you want, on time and within budget. We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality work both in the office and the field.

General Contracting


Judds Bros. Construction Co. is an experienced general contractor for any size project. We are well versed in both remodeling and new construction and are able to handle all types of construction from traditional to new innovative designs.

Concrete Construction


Judds Bros. Construction Co. has successfully completed all types of concrete construction. Our experience includes concrete foundations, flatwork, integrated wall systems, utility and mechanical structures, high-walls and self-supporting structural slabs. We have implemented proven techniques and cutting edge technology on an incredibly diverse project history.

Utility Construction


Judds Bros. Construction Co. has both the experience and resources to complete all your utility projects.

Our underground utility experience includes completing projects, which involved installation of from 4-inch to 84-inch watermain pipes and up to 54-inch sewer main with all appurtenant work. We are accomplished with all types of pipe from ductile iron pipe, steel, prestressed concrete cylinder pipe to PVC. We have successfully completed these projects for both private entities and also government agencies.

Judds Bros. Construction Co. also has experience with reservoir and pumping stations construction. We have completed jobs which were comprised of below ground cast-in-place concrete structures, installation of pumping systems, overflow structures, flow control vaults, associated electrical, instrumentation, mechanical and site modifications, and all appurtenant work.

We have also gained experience in a variety of other types of utility work. Some of those projects included demolition of missile silos, construction of sewage collection systems in residential subdivisions, construction of a railroad fueling facility and various other utility projects.

Steel Erection


Judds Bros. Construction Co. has in house erection service. Our crews have experience with multi-level and high rise structures. Our experienced field superintendents have proven their ability to perform on the most complex steel erection projects.



Judds Bros. Construction Co. has decades of experience in the unique area of millwright construction. We have vast experience in unloading, lifting, moving, setting and hook up of industrial equipment. We can install any piece of equipment including large presses, lathes, bins, dryers, flakers, etc.. We have vast experience with agricultural and foundry products, food preparation equipment and mining equipment. We have completed countless projects of all sizes for all the major industry leaders in and around the Lincoln, Nebraska, area.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings


Featuring the best products in the industry by Butler Manufacturing Company. Judds Bros. Construction Co. can single source almost every component of a building by utilizing our own steel erection crews. We stand apart from our competition with our quality control of production and scheduling. Please visit Butler Manufacturing Company's web site today for additional information on products we can supply.

Railroad Construction


Atlas Company of Lincoln Railroad Contractors is able to meet your construction needs in either new track construction or track maintenance.

We can complete any type of new track construction. With our diverse resources we can provide all your turnkey construction. This includes all areas of construction from the grading, utilities, laying of new track and any related structures.

We can also meet all your track maintenance needs including; tie and rail replacement, road crossings, turnout maintenance, track surfacing, etc.

Wetland Construction

Judds Bros. Construction Co. has branched out into the constructed wetlands wastewater treatment system. To date we have successfully completed two projects. The wetland wastewater treatment system is a new technology to the midlands. This type of sewer system has been well established in the southwest of the United States and has proven successful in the Midwest.